Leicester Lightboy - December 11, 2010


A cool concept I’ve recently spotted in different places around Leicester: Paper lightbulbs. Update: This work is by a Leicester designer who aptly goes by the name “Lightbulb Boy” Update: His actual pseudonym is ‘Lightboy’


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  • #1 Suzy | 17 January 2011

    Where is this one? And have you seen the others?

  • #2 mathieu | 17 January 2011

    This one is right by Leicester stadium and I know of a bigger one by the prison .. any more?

  • #3 suzy | 17 January 2011

    There is another one on upper brown street

  • #4 mathieu | 17 January 2011

    nice one!

  • #5 LB | 26 August 2011

    ‘Lightboy’ is the name this fellow goes by. he teams up with a guy who paints a Panda character who call’s himself Dollop. ‘Dollop and Lightboy’ A new Leicester Phenomenon?

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